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October 21, 2009
openSource Iniative logo

openSource Iniative logo

Well it’s about time I start doing something for the community. I decided I will dedicate some of my time to show Slovenian people what is opensource and how they can benefit from it. If webmaster of opensource.org accepts my offer I will register domain and pay for hosting and translate their whole page in slovene language and publish it on opensource.velikan.net webpage.

Here is my email to webmaster of opensource.org:

I’m Aris Dizdarevic from Slovenia and I’m owner of webserver located in TušHosting datacenter in Slovenia. I have a lot of space and unlimited bendwidth available on server and I’m also enthusiast and computer fan.

I’m involved in lot’s of free (open source) software. Since I know freeware and opensource matters I try to bring it closer to slovenian people. Here 95% of computer users use windows andy payed software. As part of that i organized translation of 7-zip freeware and am giving free disk and domain usage to it’s owner. As a matter of fact I wrote several articles regarding freeware and opensource on sl.wikipedia.oer. Even more I also wrote computer program (freeware and opensource) for usage of spamassassin and NOD32 for mailEnable mail server.

I was wondering if you are interested I would gladly mirror contents od your homepage opensource.org as I noticed on footer of yourpage (Available Mirrors: Austria | Belgium | Canada (2) | France (2) …). I would also register domain and create hosting and if needed manage mirror webpage. I would do this on my expense and if you allow i would also organize and implement translation of important (static) pages to slovene language so visitours from slovenia with no knowledge of english language could also learn about opensource and freeware.

Waiting for your response and thank you for your time.


7-zip – free winzip and winrar program

December 12, 2008

My first post is about free program for archiving computer data (files, directories …). It is called 7-zip and is freeware yso you can use it without paying for license.

In contribute to it I wrote translation page of it in Slovenian language and you can see it on: 7-zip.si webpage.

So if you are still using winZIP or winRAR – check out 7-zip – you will not be dissapointed!!