Boost PR with WikiPedia and user information

January 8, 2009

First lets clear title – you can NOT boost PR over WikiPedia – since all of their outbound links are “no-follow“.

Next it’s 3 weeks since I’am writing and editing articles on Slovenian Wikipedia. In this 2 weeks I wrote 4 articles in computer and internet section and 1 article in Biology section.

Yesterday I also had a dispute with one of the sl.Wikipedia administrator about one article of mine. He deleted the entire post. It was about nod32mta antivirus and antispam program I wrote. But nevermind that. One admin helped and made a copy of it on my user pages under nod32mta.

Today I posted my user page on sl.wikipedia so it seems I’m starting to feel like a good wiki-writer 😉

I also posted slovenian translation of this post on zero-web blog “Brisanje člankov na Wikipediji” so if you know slovenian language go ahead …