Windows 7 microsoft news and updates

March 23, 2009

Well… It seems Microsoft noticed failed operating system Vista and is doing it’s best for Windows 7. Over internet I noticed a lot of articles about windows 7 and it’s news and updates – so I gathered list of them and posted them here on my blog.

List of upgrades-changes-updates in windows 7:

  1. Improved taskbar thumbnail overflow
  2. Control Panel Jump List
  3. PowerShell Jump List
  4. Remote Desktop Jump List
  5. Applying taskbar settings
  6. Multi-touch zoom
  7. Invert Selection
  8. Finding music by artist
  9. New folder is always available
  10. Right-click in Windows Explorer
  11. Content view for search results
  12. Intelligent re-indexing after application installation
  13. Trimming sound schemes to help performance
  14. Baseline Device Stage experience
  15. Devices and Printers enhancement
  16. Unified experience for removing devices
  17. Hardware properties
  18. Improved eject experience
  19. USB device reliability on resume
  20. FireWire camera support
  21. Add Legacy Hardware functionality restored
  22. Increased responsiveness of Add Printer Wizard
  23. Partition size reduction
  24. Reserved System Partition naming
  25. Dual Boot partition drive letter assignment
  26. Pagefile reduction
  27. Improved driver support

What about windows server 2008?!… I will check the internet for more info. When I get it I will post it on this blog.